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Massage therapy

Sports injury recovery

Relieve stress with our total massage therapy services. We offer the body kneads massage and "namaste" light work.

A sports injury doesn't mean game over. At Helen Sarandrea Physical Therapy, we can help you get back in the game with ease.

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We also accept Worker's Compensation and No-Fault insurance.

We accept most major insurance providers

"Empowering your well-being with full-service QUALITY physical therapy.”

If you've suffered from a terrible accident or sports injury, Helen Sarandrea Physical Therapy is here to help you recover.

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"Just a few short weeks ago I would be dreading the pains I am feeling in my neck. Knowing I was just a few short hours away from another horrible migraine that would completely derail my plans for the next few days. I can't thank Dr. Dave and Kelly enough for all the amazing stretches and exercises they have shown me. My migraines have gone from 12+ a month to just 3-4 and even when I do have one, I am no longer down and out for days at a time. Thank y'all so much - after 8+ years of pain and dismay, I finally feel like I am in control of them! Thank y'all so much."


-Lauren Smith

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